transition fund. signal boosie please


so I’ve seen others have had success with posting transition funds so here is mine.

CONTEXT: I’m dd (or deedee if you’re into conventional name spelling), and I’m an AMAB, soft-binary non-passing transgender woman college student in Olympia Washington. I started my public transition about a year ago, by building self-confidence and wearing femme and gender affirming clothing. A little time after I began self medicating my HRT with 2mg Estrofem and 50mg Spirotone a day. After a while with no obvious health scare, and financial security, I increased my dose to 4mg of estro, and 100 of spiro. I have recently scaled back my HRT intake to my original amount after losing considerable financial stability. While I’ve tried to rationalize it as necessary step to maintain myself, I’ve become more and more pessimistic and see it as a step backwards in my transition, and it’s really hurt.

What’s also been incredibly hard is that while processing my financial woes is looking to other things in my transition that I need. I budgeted my necessary transition. It provided me with a road map, it also gave me a feeling of being incredibly paralyzed because of how little in the way of resources I can put towards these goals.

So this is why I’m turning to crowdfunding! I’ve had success with raising money for HRT in the past, but now I’m doing it on a much grander scale. I don’t expect to raise the entirety of the money, but I know what can be provided for me will greatly improve my well being. I’m also posting the budget to the transition as a statement to show how truly expensive it is to just be transwoman. 

Taking contributions on Go Fund Me and paypal (donation email: or hit the link in my blog) 

Thank you for your contribution or signal boost. 

For the sake of transparency this is what any money you send me will be used for. (under the read more). 

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